Dairies, milkmen and ice-cream factories

Dairies, milkmen and ice cream and butter factories will be the subject of Orange and District Historical Society’s next History Alive meeting, to be held on Wednesday, October 12 2011. Cows were essential to all the early settlers in the … Read more

Orange in the Air

Pioneer district aviator Max Hazelton has a remarkable lifetime of adventures to relate at Orange and District Historical Society's next 'Made in Orange' meeting at the Gladstone Hotel on Wednesday, November 17. In what will be a lively and informative … Read more

Limestone Caving and marble in the Orange district

Limestone and limestone caves occur extensively in the Orange district roughly in a line from Abercrombie to Geurie past Wellington. The more famous caves as are at Abercrombie, Mandurama, Borenore and Wellington but there are extensions of these and numerous … Read more

Lashings of Ginger Beer!

Great interest is expected in Orange and District Historical Society's next 'Made in Orange'meeting, on Wednesday, May 26, which will focus on the local manufacturers of soft drinks and aerated waters. Many local families were involved in the industry and … Read more

Transporting the Goods

Transport has always been a big feature of the fruit growing industry. From the sack over the shoulder to the horse and cart, primitive trucks and the huge spotless B Doubles of today, transporting fruit to stores or rail or … Read more

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