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Mining at Browns Creek

By February 23, 2010No Comments

The saga of mining at Brown's Creek will be the subject of Orange and District Historical Society's next mining meeting at the Gladstone Hotel on Wednesday, February 24.

Brown's Creek (sometimes called Cowriga Creek) is a significant creek in the Millthorpe-Blayney area. The mine is where the Blayney-Cadia Road crosses the Spring Terrace-Carcoar road. Gold was reputedly discovered in the area by Norwegian Norvis Gotterty in 1867. Other miners soon followed and by 1873 there were three stores, two pubs and a butcher's shop. By 1878 there were 200 miners plus a local farming population. The Brown's Creek Gold Mining Company continued mining until 1888 when problems with water forced the mine's closure.

In 1895 a French company, Compagnie des Mines d'Or, spent