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Medical History

Is there a doctor in the house?

By April 9, 2009August 7th, 2013No Comments

Yesterday a local medico alerted us to a great new on-line Medical Museum on the University of Sydney’s website.

The Faculty of Medicine formally came into being on 13 June 1856, initially for the purpose of conducting examinations for award of the degrees of Bachelor and Doctor of Medicine. Twenty-five years later the Medical School was opened and began the task of training doctors for the growing colony of NSW. In 1883, when the Faculty took first enrolments there were only four students taught by the Dean, Professor Thomas Anderson Stuart Kt, in a tiny cottage located near the Footbridge entrance from Parramatta Road.

Since these modest beginnings, over 24,000 students have graduated and have gone on to achieve a diversity of accomplishments that have impacted upon the lives of many in extraordinary ways, both in Australia and elsewhere in the world.

In this Online Museum and Archive you will find an array of historical information, biographies, graduate lists, photographs, virtual tours, interviews and an archive of publications and documents that represent the legacy and traditions of this Faculty.

A great resource for medical ancestors