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Medical History

A Medical History of Orange

By October 23, 2008No Comments

Orange City Council has commissioned a medical history of Orange to be published in time for the opening of the new Base Hospital, scheduled for completion in September 2010.

Elisabeth Edwards is currently undertaking research into doctors and nurses, the old District Hospital and the Base Hospital, private hospitals (including Dudley and other smaller maternity hospitals), the Auxiliary, Blue Ladies and the many other support services which ensured Orange became a renowned centre for medical excellence.

Elisabeth is anxious to hear from anyone who may have a connection with the development of medical services in Orange. In particular she would be most interested to see family letters, diaries and birth and death certificates from the 19th century showing how people dealt with childbirth, accidents and other medical emergencies when there were few medical practitioners in the district. She would also like to copy any photos of district doctors and nurses, hospitals and anything else connected with Orange's medical history.

If you would like to pass on information, please contact Elisabeth care of Orange City Library  ph 02 63938126 or