History Alive; Show and Tell

Many people have interesting historical items in their homes, such as photographs, documents, kitchen implements, clothes and war memorabilia. Orange & District Historical Society is giving you the chance to share your treasures and tell the stories attached to them. … Read more

Caving in the Region

Molong Historical Society Invites you to join them to hear guest speaker Dennis Marsh give an illustrated presentation on “Caving in this Region” Dennis is President of the Orange Speleological Society and a Fellow of the Australian Speleological Federation (ASF) and has explored caves … Read more

Explore Anson Street

Did you know that there was once a bowling club where Kmart stands today; or that there used to be a bank on all four corners of the Summer and Anson streets intersection; or that Orange’s first fire station was … Read more

Fires Firemen, Fire Brigades

The Orange district has had its fair share of fires over the years, from house fires to business premises and bush fires. Before the city’s first Fire Brigade was formed in 1870 many houses and commercial buildings were constructed of … Read more

Do you remember Templers Mill which used to stand on Ophir Road or perhaps Glenroi House, which was situated in Bathurst Road. Perhaps you can recall the city gasworks on the corner of Peisley and Byng streets and Dalton’s flour … Read more

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